VGI: From OpenStreetMap to participation


 VGI: From OpenStreetMap to participation 

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Beijing (China),  4 - 7 July 2016

The phenomenon of volunteered geographic information (VGI) is part of a wider transformation related to the use of geographic data in the different field of applications. Among these, participation, commercial uses and natural or anthropogenic risks assessment could be highlighted. Considering the rising difficulties faced by agencies, authorities and private users in the collection and distribution of new geographical information, a well-conceived VGI could constitute a valuable tool.
The growing facility to gather spatial geographic information by users through the use of portable devices is going to bring the crowdsourcing philosophy for geographic knowledge production into evidence. All those who are interested in the generation of maps from sources other than the authoritative could be potentially involved. 
After the definition of Goodchild (2007) the term Volunteered Geographic Information has therefore opened several topics of discussion, mostly related to the credibility and reliability of data, the increasing of participation demand that introduces new issues related to the validation procedure of distributed data and the way these data are created.
Undoubtedly, the benefit introduced by the use of VGI and crowdsourcing could be also placed in the strengthening of existing SDI and “authoritative” or “conventional” geographic data and not as self-sufficient method. Moreover, crowdsourcing could be particularly useful in the generation of geographical knowledge where geographic data are not in common use or where existing maps are not updated. 
This session would then discuss issues related to the creation and maintenance of VGIs for several applications ranging from land management/participation to risk analysis.

Keywords: Neogeography, volunteered geographic information, crowdsourcing, collaborative mapping, WikiCities, wikinomics, urban social networks, urban sensing, participatory GIS, Open Government, Open Data, VGI VS SDI, OpenStreetMap

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